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Typically, business owners tell us there is a frustration with the current pace of growth, sometimes this spreads levels of doubt that that marketing might not be as ‘joined up’ with the rest of the business.  There may be a feeling that plans are not on the right path or as effective or as relevant as they could be or new ideas are slow to materialise.


Companies often get caught up in the day to day, creating sales and marketing collateral to drive sales, this leaves little time to review what the brand stands for, its relevance or how it is viewed by the consumer let alone how it sits within the strategy of the business.


This is where SUN Brand excels, we are experts in drilling through to gain clarity in this (perceived) muddy water. 


We guide you to visualise the potential by supporting you to set strategic direction for your business as well as your brand and crucially we support you to make it a reality, working with your teams to bring your brand to life. 



SUN Brand will deliver an impactful injection into your business and your brand’s life-cycle. 

Every business is different and people all work in different ways; an external view can shed a light on a challenge. 



We have extensive experience in working in the Health and Well-Being arena and skincare markets.


With access to industry experts in PR, Advertising, Training and Sales, SUN Brand will ensure you have the right support at the table when required.


Working with clients we have seen amazing results from running workshops.  The best results have come from clients who have truly engaged in the process.  Read their view of working with SUN Brand....


Over my 20 plus years working in various businesses in the healthcare and well-being sector people have often commented that I have a gift for bringing out potential and a passion for growing businesses, encouraging considered debate, synthesising facts, feelings and using marketing principles to create sound business and marketing plans. 


Now I am enjoying supporting other businesses, working with their senior management teams and have had the pleasure of working with key players in the Natural and Well-Being and healthcare industry.

Why SUN Brand?

SUN = speaks for itself but did you know SUND (with a silent 'd') means ‘Health’ in Danish.  I believe when a brand is in a healthy state it truly shines, so as my mission is to Make Brands Shine, there was only one name; SUN Brand Consultancy.

If your marketing results are disappointing or you feel there isn’t enough momentum and passion behind your current strategy, then  please request a call back,  just fill out a few details below and we’ll be in touch or alternatively email 

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